Common Causes of Carrier Rope Failure

1. Incorrect diameter rope.2. Misalignment of one or more sheaves.3. Incorrect sheave groove profiles.4. Ropes running out of sheave grooves.5. Worn sheave grooves often with sharp edges, typical of brass and aluminum sheaves.6. Sheave grooves not cleared of broke or size/coating deposits.7. Sheaves too small in diameter causing excessive rope flexing.8. Sheaves with seized or […]

The Care and Feeding of a Carrier Rope System

The carrier rope system was introduced over 50 years ago as an answer to the safety and time concerns of threading the paper machine by hand. As machine speeds increased, the need for a faster, more efficient, and safe method of threading was needed; therefore, the “Sheehan” carrier rope system was developed. By DeWitt T. […]