Kenbraid Splicing

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Step 1
Ready to splice – carrier rope ends, Kenbest® Fid, William Kenyon® safety knife, tape and marker.

main_splicing1-2Step 2
Mark both ends approximately 18″ (46cm) and 40″ (91cm) from end.

Step 3
Push the basket back, insert one end of the rope, and release (to ensure a tight grip on the rope, compress the basket with your fingers). Insert the point of the fid at the 18″ (46cm) mark on the opposite end.

Step 4
Push the fid through the rope and bring it out at the 40″ (91cm) mark.

Step 5
To make a proper taper, pull the end through and mark at approximately 12″ (38cm) and 7″ (18cm). Insert your William Kenyon® “lock back” safety knife at the 12″ (38cm) mark and lift slightly one set of ends. Cut Free sex videos of sexy teens – teen, blowjob, hardcoreand remove. Repeat at the 7″ (18cm) mark.

Step 6
The tapered end. Work back into the center of the rope completely.

main_splicing1-7Step 7
Repeat steps 2-6 for opposite end.

The completed splice.